Our Amazing Adventure

The whole trip started out in our home state, Arizona. We first headed to Flagstaff to climb Humphrey, the tallest mountain in Arizona. The winds where crazy! We had to hide behind rock piles to make it. At the top, I yelled “I’m at the top of Arizona”. It was amazing!

After that, we went to Silverton, Colorado. During our stay, we ran Silverton 12-hour. Teagan and I both did a 50 km., which is 31 miles. It was hard, but fun. We camped, and had a lot of fun. We also crewed Jamil as he ran Hardrock which I helped with. During the race, Teagan,my dad, and I climbed Handies The Helpful [14000 foot mountain], which we attempted last year, but did not make. After Hardrock, we left Silverton.

We where on the road again. While we where driving we climbed a few fortieners, all hard , but all beautiful and fun. A few that I remember are “Red Cloud The Struggle” and “Massive The Wild”. I gave these mountains names that describe them so I hope I do not have to explain. I had fun on both amazing, exciting, and glorious mountains.

Then came the buffalo, or to say, Yellowstone. We saw many glorius animals in the park. We saw bison, moose, elk, deer, even a baby black bear. It was a glorious few days.

Then we where in Washington state where we saw some friends. Then we went to Portland ZOO where we saw many amazing animals, like polar bears, penguins, black bears, crocodiles, monkeys, apes, and humans.

Then we where down the coast with a few stops. We soon reached Camp Pinniped. Our camp is at a marine mammal society that rescues seals and sea lions. We do many amazing things there. Then we went to Disneyland. We had lots of fun going on rides.

During our stay in Anaheim [our hotel], my mom saw a feral, long hair cat that was adorable. We just had to catch him. After a while of following him around, we finally rescued him. We thought at first that he was a girl, but we figured out in Phoenix that he was a boy. We kept Percy [our cat] in our hotel room, even if we weren’t supposed to.

Then, well, here we are. Home at last.

SOB 50k- Teagan

I will add pictures later!

The day before the race we went to Rouge Valley Runners to pick up my shirt and buy gels. When we were walking around we saw little ultimate direction water bottels. I asked my mom if I could get one but she said no since I already had my handheld for the race. When we left the store we started up the mountain to the race start. When we got to the race start my mom, brother and I went on a 3-mile run out on the SOB course. I decided to remember parts of the trail to see how far I am. When we got back we had a dinner of mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, and kale. After dinner I got sent straight to bed.

My alarm clock the next morning was my mom pulling my sleeping bag and nearly yelling at me to wake up. When I was awake and dressed I got a breakfast of avocado toast and then walked over to the start. When got to the start I got sunscreen on and got my bib on. When the race started we were in the back of the pack. We started off with a medium pace and then started to speed up and pass people. The first person I passed was walking, I passed him just before the aid station. After I had gel and then got to the aid station and filled up my water bottle. At the aid station there was a guy with a pirate costume on. I left the aid station and headed into the forest were I was running on rolling hills I passed quite a few people during this time. At this aid station I filled up my water and then ran until I came to the hill climb which went on until the just water aid station, the people there loved me. When we left the aid station we ran all the way to the turn around point were I ate water melon and then speed out of that thing and tried to speed the rest of the way back. When we got off the pct at the end I ran as fast as I could into the finish.

After the race I got interviewed. When I was done with the interview I went over to a chair sat down and started getting into crazy mode. I was in crazy mode for about two hours dipping gummy worms in Nunn and talking crazy talk which tired me out so we headed back to the car were I took a baby wipe bath.

I liked the race even though I was sore. My favorite part was the hill climb. The race was fun and I look forward to racing again. When we get back to Arizona I want to do a loop on the Pemberton trail with some big people friends. I might have a secret idea of what race I want to do next! ☺

SOB 50k- Tajh

When we arrived in Ashland, we went to Rogue Valley Runners to pick up our shirts. Then we walked around the shop to see what was there. We saw Ultra Direction mini water bottles which our mom didn’t let us get. We got our nutrition, and then we left and went for a walk around town. After our walk, we drove to the race start, which is on the side of Mount Ashland.

Sleeping waking up.

Sleeping waking up.

The next day was race day. We got our bibs and chips at the check in table. We got ready, and off we went!!! The day before we had done a small part of the course with our mom. Today we ran with our dad. The first person I passed was walking. I said hello and kept moving. I soon reached the first aid station where there was a guy and a girl dressed up as pirates. Soon after, I had my first Gu of the race. Then came the second aid station. The next few people I passed were also walking, we had just started climbing the big road climb of the race. After the road climb, there came a water only station. Almost right after, Teagan ran ahead, then I got upset. Daddy calmed me down and we caught up to Teagen. Then we reached the turn around aid station.

After we turned around, I got my first caffeinated Gu, which did not taste good at all! Teagen and Daddy left me in the dust and I was very upset. Daddy waited for me at the next 2 aid stations. Just to add, the trails are very beautiful and the bees freak me out. At the final aid station, I ate some watermelon and ran on. Daddy met me at the road and we ran in together.

Eating a Vegan gummy worm after I was done!

Eating a Vegan gummy worm after I was done!

Running into the finish with Daddy

Running into the finish with Daddy

Hooray!!!! The race is over! Teagen beat me, but so what? These metals are awesome, and I won my age group! The caffeine didn’t effect me until after the race so I was super talkative. We had a few tacos, a baby wipe bath, then we were on our way again!

Teagan and I after the race at the finish.

Teagan and I after the race at the finish.

I am Vegan

Abby and I

Abby and I

I am vegan for many reasons. Firstly, I am vegan because I love animals. I am vegan because it is torture to kill living creatures. It’s like killing and eating a human. Animals are our brothers and our sisters, our cousins and our nephews. Apes and monkeys changed over time. The strongest man might have been a gorilla. The most acrobatic might have been a spider monkey. You just never know. It is very cruel to kill an animal that had a family, a life. I love animals very much. They are very beautiful. It is fun to chase animals so I can catch lizards, and many other creatures. I have seen a factory farm, and it is a very cruel place. There are many restaurants that are vegan and make amazing food, like Green and Native Foods. It is challenging to find stuff that you can eat at school. You can just put together a salad and have a few delicious fruits. I enjoyed having Mexican food at home. I enjoy eating vegan food. It is very delicious. I enjoy eating vegan chocolate pancakes on my birthday. Those are things telling why I’m vegan.

Mesquite Canyon 8k- Tajh

Mesquite Canyon was a fun race. We drove for an hour to reach the race start. I saw many people that I know. I saw Jamil, Jeremiah(a child I know), Lori, and many other people. The shirts said the race’s name and the different distances, but I ran the 8k. Teagen also ran the 8k. Jeremiah ran the same distance as Teagen and I. It was a very flat race. I saw many mountains, cacti, and plants. It was fun. I ran the race alone and with my sister. My mom hiked while Teagen and I ran. I met many people I had never met before and ran with them for a while. I had a great time running.

After I finished running, I watched runners run across and cheered for many people. I saw Teagen run in and saw my mom finish her hike with the little kids. Then I went to play with Tayer and Jeremiah. We found a Regal Horned Lizard. It was gray with spiky little horns sticking out of his head. I tried to catch it, but it ran away. It was fast! With Jerrmia and Tayer, I caught grubs and many other bugs that we put in a cardboard box. They all escaped later on. It was a lot of fun. I also saw quail and many other animals. I had a really great time at the race. All I had to look forward to was a long drive home (not really).



Beyond Limits 2

My family and I went to beyond limits. When we started driving, we went to Native Foods. I got the chicken run ranch burger, it is my favorite. When we left Native Foods, we got on a very squigley road.
We where going slow a guy kept honking at us.

When we got to the race we set up our tent and then went to bed. Half way through the night, I threw up. The next morning I started one and a half hours late. When I started, I drank a lot of water.The week before I was sick so I did not eat a lot.

When I was running I saw horses and cows. My favorite horse’s name is Red Cloud. I ran with Mark Helenthal and my friend Elena. When I was running, I ate many types of food. I ate pizza and sat around the fire. When I was running, I saw a big frog hopping across the trail.

By 9:30pm, I got to 32 miles. In the morning I did two more laps. The medal had very pretty colors and the shirt was cool. Thank you Ken and Stephanie for an awesome race!

Rest time!

Beyond Limits

My family and I left on Friday to go to the race start. The race was in Palm Springs,CA. Ken and Stephanie put on the race. They found an amazing course. The medals are amazing too. I ran 37 miles while my brother went canoeing. Teagan ran also. She ran 35 miles. My parents gave me food and made sure I stayed hydrated. The first day I ran 33 miles. I found a frog that was hopping across the trail and I caught it. It was very funny when a cow tried to lick me. It was a very hard run and my legs hurt a lot. There were horses that were very gentle so you could pet them. I enjoyed feeding the beautiful creatures. Sometimes I had to rest.
Getting some much needed rest, my family woke up to find that our tent had been decorated by the leprechaun. I ran only 4 miles in the final hours. The farm cat was very fast and could probably beat Jamil in a race. After the 24 hour race ended, Ken gave Teagan and I our medals. The medals are double sided and each side has a blue frog on it. My legs hurt a lot after the race.We went on a hike with Dave and then we left. I really enjoyed the race. It took a very long time to get back to get home because our house is in Arizona.
-Tajh Image